Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Update (2)

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response Update (2)

Special Communication to Families April 14, 2020

Dear Family Members, Guardians and Friends of Spectrum for Living,

I hope that each and every one of you and your families are well. We are now one month into the coronavirus quarantine and, despite the social distancing that we must now observe, the pandemic has actually had the effect of bringing people closer together. Our Spectrum for Living family is closer than ever before, and all of our many wonderful staff members have continued to make great personal sacrifice to ensure that our residents are cared for and ensure that their needs are met. We are sincerely thankful for each and every one of our staff members. Without their ongoing dedication there would be no Spectrum for Living, and we appreciate all that they continue to do to breathe life into our Mission every day.

Please click below to view a special word of thanks from some of our residents: (

We are also thankful for the donations of personal protective equipment that we have received, which will go a long way towards safeguarding the health and well-being of our residents and staff. Please keep Spectrum for Living in mind and contact us at (201) 358-8000 if you would like to make a donation of masks, gloves, gowns, hand sanitizer and/or other items that we can use as part of our ongoing response to the pandemic.

We continue to be mindful of the impact that the coronavirus pandemic has had on your family. We appreciate the understanding and cooperation of our residents’ families with the restrictions on in-person visits to your loved ones that we have had to implement. We are taking steps to ensure that all residents have access to technology to facilitate continued communication with you during this difficult time.

I would like to note a few scheduling changes that have occurred due to the pandemic:

Our 2020 Family 5K, Walk & Doggie Dash originally scheduled for Saturday, May 9th, is suspended until further notice. Once we have obtained a new date from the Bergen County Parks Department, we will communicate that to you. We
hope that you will be able to join us as this event is made even more special by
your participation.
• Our 16th Annual Golf Classic originally scheduled for Monday, June 8th, has been
rescheduled to Tuesday, September 29, 2020. The event will be held at the Alpine
Country Club in Demarest, New Jersey, and registration information can be
found on our internet website.

We wish you and your family members continued good health. Be well.


Christopher Perry
President & CEO

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