Celebrating 40 Years Serving People with Developmental Disabilities

Our Services

Spectrum for Living provides a wide variety of services, including intermediate care for those requiring medically intensive support, barrier-free housing, adult day programs, case management, respite services, and recreational programs across Bergen, Passaic, and Middlesex County.


Spectrum for Living provides multiple services for adults with developmental disabilities. These include an Intermediate Care Facility in Closter – our first site – which opened in 1983. This residential facility provides twenty-four hour care for our most medically-intensive residents.

Spectrum also provides the following barrier-free housing options:

Our Group Homes are located in towns across Bergen, Passaic, and Middlesex Counties and provide group living with private rooms and a shared common area.

Supervised Apartments serve residents who are most able to live independently. Each two-bedroom apartment offers a private room, shared living room, and specially designed kitchens and bathrooms.

Health Care

Spectrum for Living provides comprehensive medical, nursing services for our residents and community clients at our sites. Spectrum’s medical director and nurse practitioner oversee the provision of quality care which also includes physical, occupational, speech and dietary therapies.

Adult Training Centers

Maximizing the potential of our residents and community clients is the goal and focus of our Adult Training Centers. Our services are offered at six sites in Bergen (3), Passaic (2) and Middlesex (1) counties. Each program provides a variety of stimulating programs which teach and improve skills. Activities and events are available to the participants including but not limited to; socialization, practical arts, computers, recreation, crafts, music therapy, community integration, sensory integration, clinical and medical services, fine and gross motor skills, reading, and psychological services. The centers provide a positive environment for participants to maintain or develop their skills and interests.

For more information on any of Spectrum’s services please call Toll free: 866-367-7732 or 201-358-8000.


Spectrum’s Central Recreation Program unearths the team spirit and creativity in the people we serve. The Central Recreation Program provides a variety of opportunities to Spectrum residents and community clients to participate in a broad variety of events and activities. Saturday Drop-In Program, monthly canteens, trips in the community, bowling and baseball leagues are just a few of the available options. In addition, a comprehensive “In House” recreation program is provided in each of Spectrum’s residences and day programs. For further information, please contact Intake at (201) 358-8000.

Respite for Families

Spectrum for Living understands that the care of a loved one with a developmental disability is challenging and sometimes difficult. It is not unusual for families to go years without a vacation, or even a weekend off. Our Family Respite Program provides a safe, secure, and warm environment for persons whose families need to take a break from care.

Services can be provided in the person’s home or in a community based site.

For further information, please contact Intake at (201) 358-8000.

Support Services

Spectrum offers a full menu of support services to persons in the community and to their families. Services include Case Management , the Alternate Family Assistance Program, and In-Home Training.

The Intake Department provides information and referral services to individuals from the community seeking assistance. For further information, please contact Intake at (201) 358-8000.

Case Management services are provided in Bergen and Passaic Counties. Individuals with disabilities are provided assistance in securing; benefits, entitlements, housing, medical coverage, personal care services and other supports.

The Alternate Family Assistance Program provides individuals with cash vouchers to secure goods or services that are otherwise unavailable to the individual and/or their family. Durable medical equipment, camp tuition or purchase of respite services are examples of how Family Assistance can be utilized.

In-Home Training services are provided to individuals who are not involved in day program or employment. Community living and integration skills are developed or reinforced through individual or small group training sessions.

Spectrum from the Heart

Spectrum for Living operates Spectrum from the Heart, a client operated store in the Westwood Adult Training Center. Products include party centerpieces, customized tee-shirts, balloons, decorative items, personalized favors, and one-of-a-kind craft products.

The store provides creative and productive work opportunities for residents and community clients. It is a great source for favors, balloons, or decorations for your next party or a special one-of-a-kind gift. For additional information and to order call 201-722-0988.

Location: 150 Tillman Street, Westwood, New Jersey
Open Monday – Friday 10:30am-4pm, (201) 722-0988.

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