Sipping for Spectrum: Putting the FUN in Fundraising

Sipping for Spectrum: Putting the FUN in Fundraising

Hoboken, New Jersey – On May 14, 2022, Spectrum for Living was a beneficiary of the first annual “Sipping for Spectrum” event, coordinated by Spectrum for Living family member, Michelle Capazzi.

“Sipping for Spectrum”, a Hoboken-based bar crawl, offered participants a fun and impactful way to support Spectrum

Photographed (left to right): Christopher Perry, President & CEO of Spectrum for Living; Michelle Capazzi, Sipping for Spectrum Coordinator; and Steve Vahalla, Vice President of Operations at Spectrum for Living

for Living. With over 130 participants present, including Spectrum for Living staff, families, and friends, the streets were flooded with individuals wearing their representative, “Sipping for Spectrum” t-shirts promoting our clients and mission.

The bar crawl spanned across five-popular bars, including: House of Que, Wicked Wolf, Mills Tavern, McSwiggins, and 80 River Bar and Kitchen, all of which welcomed attendees with open arms and copious drink specials.

“My goal for Sipping for Spectrum was to reach a new population of supporters that may otherwise not know about Spectrum for Living, all while having a fun bar crawl in Hoboken,” shared Michelle Capazzi, “Sipping for Spectrum” Coordinator and Family Member. “We were able to increase awareness about Spectrum for Living to our participants and many people occupying the bars we visited. I was approached countless times to explain what Sipping for Spectrum was and had the distinct pleasure of sharing the mission and connecting with individuals that plan to support next year.”

At the closing of the event, Michelle Capazzi awarded a $6,750 donation to Spectrum for Living’s Sibling Group, which are a group of family members responsible for coordinating recreational events and programs for Spectrum for Living clients, including: annual boardwalk/carnival event, client shopping markets, holiday pop-up shops, movie nights, and more.

“We are amazed by the Sipping for Spectrum turnout and want to thank Michelle Capazzi, her family, and RSC Architects for coordinating such a wonderful event,” added Christopher Perry, President and CEO of Spectrum for Living. “This event allowed our organization to reach new individuals eager to learn about Spectrum for Living and how they can make a difference in our community by partnering with us.”

If you are interested in partnering with Spectrum for Living or attending/sponsoring the next event, please contact Elizabeth Boyajian, Director of Development at

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